Claim back PPI if it was mis-sold!

Published: 10th April 2011
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Ever had PPI added to a loan or credit card either now or in the past? Believe it or not it was probably mis-sold and you could be due a huge refund! There are lots of UK claims companies that have been actively helping clients claim back PPI for the last few years, claiming millions of pounds during this time for people that simply did not qualify for cover as part of the policy that was sold to them.

Some people may need to establish whether they have PPI: you may have been sold it without realising. When attached to a credit card you should be able to see any payments taken for PPI in your statements, but if you have a personal loan it might not be so obvious. Once you establish that you have a PPI policy that you weren’t aware of, you will then be certain that you are due a PPI refund.

The clearest cases of mis-selling are those where customers were sold the insurance when they had no chance of claiming on it.

• If you were not employed at the time you took the insurance – whether you were unemployed, self-employed or retired – it will be impossible for you to make a valid insurance claim.

• If, when you took the insurance, you had a medical problem that could have kept you from working, you should have been warned that the insurance was unlikely to be suitable for you. If it wasn't explained, you can claim.

• If the entire cost of the PPI was not explained to you, or if the company only quoted the cost of the loan with the PPI attached, then you can claim.

• If other important features of the loan were not explained – for example, the terms for cancelling the cover or significant exclusions such as stress and back problems – then you can claim.

• If you already had alternative cover that could insure your repayments – such as income protection or an employer illness or redundancy package – but were not asked about this, you could claim.

The above list is not exhaustive, these are merely examples. It could be worth while calling a professional claims company and speaking to an advisor for more details and to find out if it will be possible for you to claim back PPI. After all, why would you pay for something that’s ultimately worthless?

As stated above, UK Money Solutions will be able to assist you to establish if you are able to make a valid claim. We will take care of everything on your behalf, and all you need to do is sign a few forms. UKMS have the necessary experience toclaim back PPI and the compensation you deserve. Your PPI refund could amount to thousands of pounds so call today on 08000 748 059

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